Basic Course level 2

After this follow-up course you will have a complete palette of essential CI techniques.


During the first day you will learn how to read short and longer reading texts interactively with the class, and how to use texts to give your students and course participants even more comprehensible input. The second day gives you three ways to address grammar in a brain-friendly, active way.


You will learn:

  • Different ways to actively involve students in reading

  • 'Tricks' to make students/course participants read the text several times

  • Creating unconscious focus on grammatical elements during TPRS/CI lessons

  • Grammatical elements contrast with TPR

  • Provide grammar popups while reading


The course will include:

  • Interesting background articles and videos

  • An extensive handout with teaching methods and explanations

  • Coffee, tea and lunch on both days

  • A Basic Dynamic Language Learning Course level 2 certificate


Is this course for you?

Have you followed the Basic Course and are you already starting to master the basic techniques of Dynamic Language Learning? Have you noticed that acquisition-oriented language education suits you, and would you like to have the whole package of CI basic skills under control? Then this course offers what you need.


Why follow this course?

  • Do you want to reinforce the verbal comprehensible input by having your pupils or course participants read?

  • Are you looking for varied teaching methods for reading in a CI setting?

  • Do you want or must do 'something about grammar' and would you like this to fit in with the comprehensible input approach?

  • Do you think your pupils or course participants will benefit from a certain focus on grammatical structures in the language?


Then this follow-up course is perfect for you!










  1. This course is only accessible to teachers and teachers who have followed our Basic Course or another TPRS/CI course, or who have demonstrable experience in working with TPRS or other CI methods. Not sure whether you meet these conditions? Please contact us via our contact page.

  2. The course will be held with a minimum of ten participants. The deadline for enrolment is one week before the start date, which is also when you will receive a notification of placement. If the course cannot take place, you can choose to either reschedule your enrolment to the next start date or receive a refund of the course fee.

  3. The General Terms and Conditions of Dynamic Language Learning apply to your registration. It states, among other things, until when you can cancel your registration free of charge.
    If the registration is canceled by the participant, the following arrangement applies:
    a. The participant has a reflection period of 14 days. This reflection period also applies if the participant books the course and the company or employer pays for it. If the company concludes the contract, there is no reflection period.
    b. In case of cancellation up to 21 days prior to the start of the course, no payment is due and the full course fee already paid will be refunded.
    c. In case of cancellation after 21 days, but before the 7th day prior to the course, payment of half of the course fee is due, and therefore half of the course fee already paid will be refunded.
    d. In case of cancellation from the 7th day prior to the course, no money will be refunded.