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Special: Poised for Proficiency

Trainer: Justin Slocum Bailey

Language of communication: English

Join us at this special occcasion for a royal Sunday brunch and a workshop that will change your life as a teacher! The famous Latin teacher Justin Slocum Bailey is here to share with you how a mindful take on teaching helps you and your students become more focused and leave the classroom with more energy.


After this special workshop you will know how to use your voice, body and mind to enhance students' calmness, focus, comprehension, memory, and community. Whatever your personality as a teacher is, you will profit from these specific, learnable body and voice techniques and the effects they have on your students.


Justin will give a demo class in Latin, using many of these techniques to make you experience their immediate effect. You will receive explicit, hands-on training in performing the body and voice techniques and incorporating them into our teaching practice. All this is punctuated along the way by some mind(fulness) techniques that work hand in hand with our bodies and voices to increase our calmness, focus, and even health and longevity as teachers.


See Justin in action in a Latin class:


Why do you want to do this workshop?

Who better to tell you than another participant? Anny Ewing, who went to his workshop in April this year, wrote the following reflections: “Just back from a weekend in DC at Justin Slocum Bailey's Poised for Proficiency workshop. It was a rich, timely, thought-provoking two days of learning, moving, talking, and sharing mindful relaxation with a group of playful, insightful comprehension-guided teachers. Some of my key JSB take-aways, in no particular order:

  • "My core temperament is learner."

  • Giving students signs/gestures for 'slow down', 'repeat', 'what's that word?', allows them to communicate *about* the conversation while participating *in* the conversation. These are things we should be doing anyway, as good teachers.

  • Students are the source of what gets talked about. The teacher is the source of how it gets talked about.

  • Make it "One Step Funner".

  • Have someone observe you and tell you how you move around the space; what's most effective. Then do that more.

  • 2 ways to help working memory: delegate (have a student keep track of where you put down the blue marker); automatize (always put the red marker back on the marker tray).

  • If there's an unexpected distraction or interruption in class: Use it. Build the jackhammer outside into your story. That way you honor where your students' attention is anyway, rather than fighting to get it back.

  • "Tweak One Thing."

  • *Deliberate* motions and voice modulations can make you seem like you know what you're doing.

  • There was much much more, but this is a start. If you have a chance to see Justin, do. “



11:00 AM: Royal Brunch

12:00 AM: Workshop with Justin Slocum Bailey

13:15-13:30 Coffee break

End time: 3:00 PM


You will receive:

  • A handout with tips & tricks and all the techniques practiced in the workshop

  • A certificate of completion


NOTE:  The course will be held with a minimum of ten participants.
The deadline for enrolment is one week before the start date,
which is also when you will receive a notification of placement.  
If the course cannot take place, you can choose to either reschedule
your enrolment to the next start date or receive a refund of the course fee.

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