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Inspiration meetings

For CI-teachers, from CI-teachers

Are you a CI teacher and do you feel the need to exchange ideas with fellow CI enthusiasts? Many CI teachers are loners in a non-CI environment. Hence the importance of meeting colleagues who are on the same track as you are. People who get enthused when you share a cool CI-activity. People who understand why you get stuck on a certain technique, and who might have come up with a solution based on their own experience. 

That is why Dynamic Language Learning organises a yearly inspiration day, where you can meet other CI teachers, or reconnect with people you met during a course or at the conference. People who inspire you and whom you can inspire in turn.


Who, what, how

Our inspiration days are meant for teachers who have followed a (basic) CI course and who are actually teaching with CI. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or have years of experience. We all have questions, ideas, succes stories and learning needs.

An Inspiration Day is from10 AM to 2 PM. There are three one-hour rounds and a long lunch break (with a tasty lunch). Two rounds are dedicated to exchanging ideas and questions on, experiences for and solutions to a certain topic. The third round consists of a mini-workshop. 

The Inspiration Day takes place in June, to allow you to bring your experiences of the past school year, and to take new ideas with you for the next school year. 

Do you wish to receive an invitation for the Inspiration Days? Let us know.

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