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Presenters at September 23, 2023

Marianne de Best

Tina Abour


Tina discovered teaching with comprehensible input during an internship at an American high school. During six weeks, she experienced how the students successfully acquired German in classes taught with CI. She has been applying the same techniques in her own classes ever since, and presents workshops on CI activities and techniques in Germany. Tina teachers English and French at a Gymnasium in Wetteraukreis. She is also part of a group of dedicated teachers who strive to spread the word about CI in Germany.

WorkshopVideo Talk


Marianne De Best

The Netherlands

With inexhaustible energy, Marianne teaches Dutch as a second, third or fourth language to children at the British School in The Netherlands. Marianne is a natural at teaching TPRS and other forms of understandable input, and enjoys a lot of variety in her lessons. She develops many games and teaching materials for her students. For Marianne , the path to language acquisition consists of building relationships with her students, making up and acting out stories together, having fun and developing a love of reading.


Workshop Brain breaks

Workshop Games in a CI manner


Tuğrul Ceyhan


Tugrul began to work as an English teacher at Gendarmerie NCO Vocational School in September 2013. He attended the National TPRS Conference in the USA in 2014 and became a teacher trainer at Gendarmerie NCO Vocational School.He worked as an English teacher at public schools, private schools and online platforms, and has been using TPRS ever since the NTPRS conference.

Workshop Storyasking and Reading (together with Alike Last)


Helene Colinet

Majorca (Spain)

As a language teacher, Hélène does not use books or glossaries, but develops lessons with a high impact, in which the language is spoken in a natural, simple and fun way. In addition to her work as a teacher, she also manages the school library, chairs English debates and organizes various international projects at her school. And in her spare time she provides workshops and training on natural, effective language teaching. 



Presentation Providing repetitions without being repetitive


Anuschka De Coster


Anuschka is a teacher of Italian and Dutch as a second language. Her key words for good language education are: creativity, autonomy, equality and trust. After a Master’s degree in History, Anuschka ended up in language education. She did a teacher training and studied Italian Linguistics and Literature. When she discovered TPRS, she not only started using it in her classes, but also combined it with theater and storytelling techniques she had learned in her free time. Apart from being a language teacher, she is now also training to become a storyteller and a teacher trainer. 

Workshop Drama, playfulness and group building

Charlotte Dincher 1.jpeg

Charlotte Dincher


Charlotte Dincher has been using CI techniques with great pleasure in her lessons at a German state school for many years. After the spark was blown at a TPRS conference in the US, she became a trainer herself and has trained and educated many other teachers in international schools. She also maintains a blog in which she shares materials she has developed herself. "Lost in London" is her first CI-easy reader for beginning English learners. 


Keynote: CI: why and how

Workshop CI Curriculum


Barbara Horvath


Barbara Horváth is a Hungary-based EFL teacher and teacher trainer who helps new language teachers find their voice and build their skills within the TCI framework. She started teaching using traditional communicative methods in 1998, but despite all her efforts and best intentions, she was unable to get satisfactory results from her students.

In 2010, Barbara began teaching in a state-financed elementary school, where she faced a similar experience. She found it striking that minority kids, who entered the school system with zero proficiency in the official state language, were able to communicate flawlessly in Hungarian after only a few months, whereas the same students were essentially immune to any form of traditional language teaching.

Around the same time, Barbara discovered TPRS, and began experimenting with this approach. The new method was an instant success, as students' improvement exceeded all expectations, both in the speed at which they acquired the language and in the level and complexity of their L2 use.

In 2016, Lisa Horváth, Botond Boros Attila, and Barbara organized a CI-based training for language teachers in Budapest, which was followed by many similar events in Hungary and Romania.

Workshop Literacy without effort


Alike Last

The Netherlands

In 2007 Alike Last introduced TPRS in the Netherlands and since 2008 she develops and gives CI/TPRS/TPR workshops for world language teachers. She is also a French CI/TPRS teacher for adults, and with her colleagues from Vrolijk & Frans ("Funny & French") she developed a continuousFrench CI curriculum from beginners until the CEFR level A2/B1. Every summer Alike attends the NTPRS and iFLT conferences in the USA, to keep her CI knowledge up to date. She’s co-founder of the Dutch TPRS Platform and organised the  ETPRS conferences in 2016 and 2018. 


Website French classes:


Co-presenter of Storyasking and reading


John Lubbinge

The Netherlands

Jorn is docent Duits en schoolopleider op RSG Simon Vestdijk. Hij geeft al vele jaren Duits met begrijpelijke input, en weet dit feilloos te combineren met interessante activiteiten als Grey of the Day en het spel Hotel Grafenhausen. 

Presentation Gray of the day

Workshop Hotel Grafenhausen


Froukje Moritz

The Netherlands

Froukje Moritz has a great deal of experience in assisting people with their integration and with the process of acquiring and raising the level of the Dutch language. She is an enthusiastic language teacher who believes wholeheartedly in “learning by doing”. Froukje finds humor a universal and connecting force. It creates space to work with language in a playful way and makes learning fun.
Getting low-skilled people to read, talk and write is one of Froukje's strong points. In her approach, practice is the starting point. After all, you don't just learn a language from a book. She therefore does many practical exercises with her students, both inside and outside the classroom. 




Presentation PQA and Picture Talk for illiterate ESL/DAL/Nt2 students


Casper Porton

The Netherlands

Casper is a Latin and Greek teacher whose focus the last 15 years has been on active mastery of Latin and Ancient Greek, to be able to fluently read these languages in a natural way. In 2005 he founded ADDISCO where a small team teaches students and adults Latin, Greek, ancient history, philosophy, archeology and art. Casper also  trains Latin teachers in The Netherlands and abroad. 





Kathrin Shechtman


Kathrins CI journey started in college in the USA while completing her teaching program. She has been teaching German through via CI and specifically Story Listening to children and adults since 2011. Kathrin received a Master’s degree in English/Linguistics in 2023 and is currently finishing her teaching degree in German. She has led Story Listening workshops in Germany, the Netherlands and the US and is promoting CI in Germany with FUNN.


Stories First Foundation:


Janique Vanderstocken


Janique has more than 30 years of experience in teaching Dutch and reading to illiterate immigrants in Belgium. In 2007, she started developing "Zwart op Wit", a course in technical reading for illiterate adults.

She also trains teachers in teaching strategies for this specific group of learners at the Centre for Professional Development and Education. And because she highly values pleasure reading, she runs a website with reviews of books that are suitable for learners of Dutch as a Second Language. 

Website cursus Zwart op Wit:

Websites met boeken voor anderstaligen: 


Jill Wiley.jpeg

Jill Wiley


Jill teaches English at the British International School of Stavanger, and also runs her own business in which she coaches teachers who are (at risk of) burnout.

Using CI novels to provide CI, without burning yourself out

Nicole de Boer
Hélène Colinet
Charlotte Dincher
Lisa Horvath
Daniel Kline Dubois
Alike Last
Judy Dubois
Pia Koch
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