Program September 24, 2022


Check out the conference program below.

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where you can choose the workshops you wish to attend.

Arriving at the conference

9:15 am

At 9:15 AM, the doors will open. Take your time to get settled with a nice cup of coffee or tea!



During the opening ceremony we welcome you and present you to some very special guests.

Workshops - round 1

10:00 - 11:15

Now that we're still freshly awake, we will use the morning for the more in-depth workshops:

Workshop Introduction to TPRS by Kirstin Plante . 

Workshop Story Listening by Kathrin Shechtman

Workshop TPRS for older and more advanced students by Liam Printer . 

Workshop Write and Discuss by Pilar Reyes Sierra

Workshop Brain compatible language teaching with drama and movement by Kirsty Sharwood Smith

Workshop Movement and language with Total Physical Response by Viola ten Have . 

Coffee break


During the coffee break you can chat with your colleagues, go for a short walk or take a look at the book exposition.

Lovely lunch

13:00 - 14:00

Because we really want you to enjoy this day, we have arranged for a delicious lunch with lovely treats for everyone, with or without diet wishes/needs. (DO let us know your wishes!)

You can take your time, enjoy the company of your colleagues and get to know new people.

Keynote Speech


An exceptionally interesting keynote speech by Dr. Liam Printer is just what we need to start the afternoon in an alert and enthusiastic manner. Learn all about how to trigger intrinsic motivation through CI lessons.

Presentaties - round 3

14:45  - 15:45

The presentations in round 3 and 4 are slightly shorter than in the morning, so that we stay alert and get the most out of all the new ideas that are presented here.

Presentation Drawing to establish meaning and increase engagement, 1 by Nicole de Boer

Presentation How to start with CI by Hélène Colinet

Presentation Very Narrow Listening by Judy Logsdon-Dubois.

Demonstration class One Word Image byPilar Reyes Sierra . 

Presentation Enjoy online teaching by Pia Koch.

Coffee break

15:45  - 16:15

During the coffee break you can chat with your colleagues, go for a short walk or take a look at the book exposition. 

Presentations - round 4

16:15 -  17:15

In this last workshop round, try to get everything out of it. 

Presentation Story Formulas by Lisa Horvath

Presentation Planning the school year for CI  by Hélène Colinet

Presentation Discovering stories in art, using Visible Thinking Routines by Joyce van Ruiten

Presentation Free voluntary reading by Charlotte Dincher

Demonstration CI class in Latin by Casper Porton

Presentation Drawing to establish meaning and increase engagement, 2 by Philip Smith. 

Closing ceremony

17:15 - 17:30

Of course, a fun day  like today needs to be closed with an invigorating closure session.