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Coaching and guidance

Video coaching

Video coaching is an accessible way of coaching: you send in a video recording of part of your lesson and receive written feedback about it. This way you can quietly review the feedback, your own lesson in your own environment and think about the questions and suggestions in the feedback.


In advance you discuss with your coach what you show in the recording and what you want to be coached on.


The feedback is largely in question form. We don't say what you do "right" or "wrong", but we help you recognize situations related to what you want to be coached on and find the solutions yourself that can move you forward.

Live coaching

With live coaching, a coach will observe you for a whole day in class, and you will receive verbal feedback between classes. This feedback focuses more on directly applicable tips and tricks for specific teaching situations. In this way you can always put feedback into practice immediately and you can take big steps in a short time. You discuss in advance with your coach what you want to be coached on.


Team teaching

A special form of live coaching is team teaching: you and your coach take turns teaching a few minutes, so that you can see an example of teaching your own students with CI techniques on the spot.  


Curriculum coaching

Are you designing a CI/TPRS lesson series yourself or with colleagues and would you like an expert to take a look? We like to think along with you!

Lesson plan feedback examples:

- we can indicate whether a part indeed provides truly understandable input;

- we indicate whether the instructions for teacher and students are clear;

- we make suggestions for changes to make material and teaching methods more suitable for lessons with comprehensible input;


Feedback is provided in a written report, which we can explain orally if desired. We do not give a 'stamp' or official approval that the program is CI-/TPRS-proof.

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