Basic Course

After this course, you will be able to teach dynamic language classes where natural language acquisition takes place.

You will learn how to use language to trigger emotion with students and how to speak almost entirely in your target language and still have everyone understand you. You will discover the limits and possibilities of our brain, and how to use these to your advantage. You will be able to provide enough repetition required for fluent language production, whilst keeping the class interesting and compelling. Share and express your passion for languages by creating captivating and bizarre stories, having interesting conversations with your students and read out their stories in that wonderful language of yours! It will not only boost motivation but also create a great sense of team spirit.

You will learn how to:

  • Teach your class entirely in Dutch

  • Make everything you say comprehensible

  • Use creative and dynamic ways of helping them internalise new language structures

  • Use gestures and visual aids

  • Co-design stories with your students in the target language.


The course will include:

  • Interesting background articles and videos

  • Useful teaching tools for your class

  • An extensive lesson plan for your first ten classes to help put everything you learned into practice effortlessly.

  • Coffee, tea, and lunch on all days

  • A Basic Dynamic Language Learning Course certificate


Is this course for you?

Are you a teacher of French in a secondary school or high school? Do you teach Spanish to adults? Are you a classroom teacher and have you been asked to also teach another language? In all of these - and similar - cases, this course is what you are looking for. 


Why follow this course?  

  • Do you want to make your language classes more dynamic and have students participate more actively?

  • Would you like to make the target language so comprehensible that your students start communicating spontaneously?

  • Does the idea of creating stories with your students to increase student engagement appeal to you?

  • Do you want to boost intrinsic motivation by making your classes revolve your students?


In short, do you want to make a difference? Then this is the course for you!

NOTE:  The course will be held with a minimum of ten participants. The deadline
for enrolment is one week before the start date, which is also when you will
receive a notification of placement.  If the course cannot take place, you can
choose to either reschedule your enrolment to the next start date or receive
a refund of the course fee.